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Implant Restoration in Rockaway Beach

Arverne Dental offers implant restoration in Rockaway Beach, as well as cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants are an excellent way to replace a missing tooth (or, more specifically, a missing tooth root). An implant is a small titanium post that anchors a crown or a denture (called an overdenture if implants are involved).

The implant restoration process involves placing the implant into the jaw bone (either upper or lower.) Then, it takes several months for the bone to grow to the implant. After this, a mold is made of the implant to fabricate a crown or bar. The crown connects to the implant, while the bar connects to a denture for support.

Connecting the Implant & Placing the Crown

After the bone and gums heal, your dentist completes the restoration process with a dental crown. This attaches to the implant for a firm, steady grip that allows ease of speaking and eating. The process takes two to three visits to complete.

First, your dentist checks the implant to make sure it has healed as it should and is fused securely to the bone. The abutment is crucial because it connects to the implant at one end and the crown at the other. Then, it’s attached to the crown by tiny screws for a secure fit.

Now, it’s time to make the dental crown. Your dentist considers the choice of material for the crown and the color that matches the rest of the teeth. Then, the impression goes to a dental lab to fabricate. Once it comes back, it is attached to the implant by the other side of the abutment.

Patients that get dental implants find they feel natural and comfortable. Many prefer these to dentures as they are a permanent part of your mouth’s dental structure, so you don’t have to take them out at night to clean.

Replace Missing Teeth

It is essential to replace missing teeth for many reasons:
  • Teeth adjacent to the missing tooth will tip (rotate) into the missing space. Given enough time (many years), the teeth adjacent to the out space could rotate completely sideways (falling into place where the missing tooth was).

  • The teeth opposing the missing tooth will grow toward the missing tooth space (a super eruption process).

  • The combination of rotation and a super eruption could lead to a collapse of the bite.

  • The collapse of the bite could lead to sagging of the mouth and an older appearance, as well as jaw joint problems (TMD, TMJ).

  • Missing teeth decreases your ability to chew and can affect speaking.

  • Missing teeth can negatively affect your smile.

Look Better, Feel Better

Implant restoration can also significantly improve your self-esteem. Never underestimate the power of feeling better about yourself based on your appearance. Our identity is closely associated with how we look. When we have teeth that we’re not happy with, it can affect our self-confidence.

Improving your smile is an excellent start to improving your outlook on life. The health benefits of correcting your bite with implant restoration may not be immediately apparent, but how it changes the way you feel will. People often put off a visit to the dentist for many reasons. Still, one of the most critical arguments for sitting in that dentist’s chair is to help yourself feel better about your smile.

Give yourself the gift of improved confidence with bright and healthy teeth. You will never regret getting implant restoration, but if you don’t, the world will miss out on your smile. To prevent further issues and prolonged discomfort, call today to book your appointment, and we will assess your situation. Once you realize how simple it is to improve your teeth, you’ll wonder why you waited to make an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you and seeing your new smile when the procedure is complete.

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